My Story

Like most kids growing up in the UK, I spent my childhood getting involved in various sports. My passion for health and fitness continued to push me to achieve personal goals but more importantly, it has allowed me to use my experience and help others.

I played football from the age of 8, boxed from 13 and participated in every school sport’s team I could possibly get into. From there I moved on to resistance/weight training, and like many beginners,  just wanted to lift and do as much as possible in the gym, not understanding the actual science and nutrition behind bodybuilding. As the old cliché goes ” I wish I knew then, what I know now ” 

After quickly understanding that my approach to weightlifting was incorrect, I began the process of getting certified as a personal trainer in London. Once I was certified, I decided to combine a passion for sports, fitness and a hunger for knowledge in order to help others achieve their goals.  I worked for 4 years in London training and coaching, before moving on to sunny Dubai. This is where I found a new passion for fitness that included competing in WBFF physique shows. Further competition in the fitness model category and placing 4th in my first show was a fabulous result and a huge personal achievement. This made me even hungrier to achieve more and push further to achieve success. I was able to train harder in order to find the most effective way through nutrition and scientific methods to reach my next goal. Personal Trainer Rob Sharpe, Men's Health magazine, Dubai's Elite

On August the 14th, 2015, I competed in my second physique show for the WBFF in the fitness model category. After 2 years of training with my goal in sight, I managed to secure 1st place in Las Vegas, winning my pro card. Since then many opportunities have allowed the Rob Sharpe Fitness brand to reach new levels. I received top end sponsorship contracts from a number of local and international fitness, nutrition and clothing companies, and 3 weeks later earning my first front cover shot on Men’s Health Magazine.

Onwards and upwards; my philosophy on health and fitness remains solid and grounded: I want to MAKE a difference to people’s day to day life which includes helping with motivation, goal setting, and nutrition planning. When all these positive changes are aligned, it will lead to a well-balanced lifestyle, granting confidence in an all-around perspective, with LIFE CHANGING results. 

With a 100% commitment, we can achieve together.