With the increased use of fast food and packet foods, it has become quite difficult to maintain a healthy diet. Some people don’t consume enough of one thing or rely too much on another nutrient, which causes an imbalanced diet. That can either lead to increased weight loss or gain. But we’ve made a list of the simple ways in which you can keep a healthy diet, by losing any extra weight or gaining some important kilos.

Proteins are your best friend

If you’re inclined towards losing weight but building up body muscle, you would want to have a diet that is rich in proteins. Proteins are quite literally the building blocks of our bodies, and we need them for the growth of different cells which make up our body. Proteins are also very satisfying, so you won’t feel the constant urge to eat snacks all day if your meal is rich in proteins. Having protein before or after a workout helps to keep the metabolism rate high too, all of which helps you keep fit. Some of the proteins you should eat are white meats like fish, chicken, and turkey.

Why eating your Greens is vital

You probably hear this very often, but that’s because fruits and vegetables are a very significant part of our diet. Most of the water and fiber the body gets is from fruits and vegetables. They help to keep the body feel full even though they are not high in calories. This is why they help keep the body in shape as well. Fruits and vegetables should be a regular component of your diet if you want to remain in shape. That means you should try to eat some veggies with every meal of the day. Vegetables like spinach, squash, and broccoli are certainly great foods.

What Fats you should take and avoid

Certain dietary fats are important for the body to stay in shape and balanced, though in restricted and controlled amounts. When we say fats, we don’t mean that in taking these products will translate to body fat. “Healthy fat” like nuts, avocados, and olives are some of the few good fat foods that should be a part of your diet. What you want to avoid, therefore, are foods that are high in cholesterol; anything that has too much oil is a big no-no.

How much should you depend on Carbs

Everybody loves carbohydrates. They provide the body with energy quickly, as compared to other foods, which is why people usually depend on them, so that they can feel energized instantly after eating. If you’re someone who is looking to lose weight, don’t eat carbs just for the sake of eating carbs. You need to make sure that you use carbs as a source of energy to help you continue and push through your workout. Try to strike a balance between the amount you work out and the carbs you intake so that you don’t get more energy than your body needs. This is important because any nutrients that the body does not need instantly usually get converted to body fat and are stored that way.


Losing weight can be taxing, but sometimes all you need apart from hitting the gym is a strict but healthy and balanced diet, abundant in the right nutrients so that your body gets the perfect amounts of everything.