Here is what you need to know:

  1. People tend to focus on warm-ups more which essentially means that they struggle while lifting weights.
  2. If you are starting a new program, then don’t give it up in midway.
  3. Basics will help you tremendously — the big 5 compound exercises, squats, bench press, pull ups, overhead press, and deadlifts. Aim to lift more than your body weight.
  4. Diet is essential as it will simultaneously help the amount of work done in the gym. Constantly being in a calorie deficit won’t help to add muscle mass.
  5. The rest periods should be used for something productive rather than texting or listening to songs.

Things that can go wrong in training:

Forgetting actually to train

The first ten minutes are vital of the gym session are essential as it would set the tone for the session. What you start the session off with is very important.

I have witnessed people using lacrosse balls against their spine or using foam rollers on the floor. This can be considered as one way initiating a session but after an hour of following this program, you realize you have practically achieved nothing. As most of the time and energy is wasted doing stuff that will have no impact.

You have workout ADD

There are a vast amount of training programs available that can help you. For me, it is important to complete any plan that you have started. Mass made simple is a program initiated by me which include fourteen workouts over six weeks.

Every day for two to three hours you are required to lift weights and do squats. Regardless of what plan you choose to follow it through completely.

Basic lifts

Learning to lift correctly is extremely important. Squatting deeply and appropriately aids in the entire process. Unfortunately, I have not been able to squat for a while now due to my lower back, but I really miss it as its extremely beneficial for strength, core and burns a vast amount of calories.  The basic training methods, exercises, and lifts will give you more benefits. If executed correctly.


Proper diet is at the core of a good workout session. It is slightly expensive in terms of maintaining a healthy diet, but it is worth it.

Avoid skipping carbs as it would offset any achievement you have made so far in the gym. Home cooked meals are the gateway to achieving your goals. So learn the basics of cooking rather than eating out, Start learning about macro, micronutrients, ratios and eat an 85% whole food diet.

Resting Period

Utilize your resting period between workouts to do something productive. Instead of spending it on your phone. (Guilty) You can use that time to try and increase flexibility which is something I regret not incorporating a lot earlier in my career. It will help tremendously with recovery, help to stay injury free and speed up hypertrophy ( muscle gain )

Bonus Suggestions

  • Even if you have not used any weights but if you see those lying around put them away.
  • Do squats in the squat racks.
  • Be nice to the staff working at the gym you go to.
  • The full range is  more effective and beneficial for you than heavyweights
  • Wipe the bench and pads after every use.
  • Appropriate gym clothing is important. NO Flip flops
  • Du-rags and headbands are not a necessity for gyms
  • DON’T ever skip the free area – ladies, do your body weighted kickbacks or any mat based exercise away from the free weight area