Maintain a specific amount of calorie count, being cautious about the type of food you are consuming that is free of hormones. While simultaneously paring it with the right training program would enable you to achieve more. It might seem too simple, but it has a lot more to it.

Many people when they lose fat they can maintain it for years. But we do have cases where people struggle with maintaining that fat loss. A study conducted at the University of Vermont had the answer to why some people are successful, and some aren’t.

The Study

For the research sample size of 142 people were drafted. All of them participated in a program called “behavioral weight control intervention” for about six months. They were required to have an online meeting with a dietician and were expected to maintain a food log.

Participants who managed to lose the most weight were consistent in keeping their food log. The determinant of their success was not how detailed their food log was but instead how often they recorded in it. Plus how consistent they were in recording entries.

According to the researchers, self-monitoring of an individual’s diet is the number one fat loss predictor.

14 Minutes per Day

This study also showed how long it does take to maintain a food log. Initially, it took participants around 23 minutes to log in their intakes but once they got used to it the time reduced to 14 minutes.

It might seem like the most tedious job of recording every calorie intake, and it is when you first start. But applications like My fitness pal has made the entire process a lot easier.  

Newbies and Pros Have This in Common

It might be the most redundant and monotonous advice that you might have been given is to maintain a food log. But for newbies, it is a practical approach. As they struggle with identifying the food they are consuming and in which ratio. Getting acquainted with the idea of looking at ingredients and doing the math for calorie count is similar to a short course in college. It would broaden the scope of knowledge you possess.

For more experienced athletes it is recommended to log in their intakes if they have started a strict diet regime in the hopes of getting more shredded for summer. Overthinking can make you lose focus; hence the numbers logged in would keep your mind on the right path.  No matter what you are consuming write it down.

Count and Be Accountable

Some people take this too far. They become obsessive with the idea of tracking food, but it does work. This study shows how only 14 minutes out of the entire day can allow you to see what you have been consuming.

One thing the researchers failed to mention was accountability.

The dieticians they were working with over their food logs, held the participants accountable.

Some people who are started on the fat loss journey for the first time need the outside accountability.