With time as men cross the age of 40 especially those who do not go gym notice that their body has grown weaker and they have massively lost muscle mass. Increase in body fat can be considered as a reason for this drastic change over the years.

According to the general belief system, many men feel that this is a natural process of the body that it will get weak at some point; hence, they do not feel overwhelmed with the apparent change. However what mean do not understand is that to a very great extent each individual has the power to control rapid aging, an excessive amount of body fat, low levels of muscle mass and feeling tired on day to day basis.

Androgenic Hormones

Poor lifestyle and diet are the main causes behind an increase in the body fat which will down the line have a serious impact on the androgenic hormones in men. These hormones have the ability to stimulate or control development procedure of male characteristics such as muscle mass and to maintain its functionality as well. High body fat levels are at times linked with a decrease in the androgen hormone.

Estrogenic Hormones

Men who are overweight have high levels of a hormone called estrogen which essentially decrease the level of muscle mass and an increase in body fat levels. The ratio of estrogen hormone is higher in men, and this is due to an enzyme called aromatase.

Aromatase will be found in abundance if the level of body fat is also high and it is aromatase that is responsible for converting testosterone into estrogen. A significant increase in the levels of estrogen would increase the body fat storage mostly around the breast areas of men.

What can be done?

Nevertheless, there is a processor strategy in place to counteract with this keeping all aspects into consideration. Anti-aging and lower levels of body fat in men can be maintained if a proper plan is in place. One of the best methods to deal with this is to provide support for muscle development by minimizing the muscle tissue breakdown, eating food that increases testosterone, limiting toxic exposure and controlling the stress levels.

Steps to be undertaken include:

Weight lifting

Lifting weights can elevate the level of testosterone found in men.

With each meal increase the consumption of protein

Protein is essential for the body as it allows it to repair the muscles and grow. Vegetarians have lower testosterone levels in comparison to men who eat. I prefer to use about 1.5 kg of lean body weight with males who are overweight.

Essential fats are a must

Coconut oil, almond, olive oil, cashew nuts, grass-fed beef, eggs, and oily fish are fats that should be consumed. For optimal cholesterol, intake fats are extremely important as testosterone is made from cholesterol.

Reducing stress levels

Reduction in stress levels can be credited to minimize the overproduction of a stress hormone called cortisol. Stress during the day at varying points results in lower testosterone in males.

Control of alcohol consumption

Excessive amounts of alcohol consumption are also linked with an increase in the levels of estrogen and a decrease in testosterone levels.


The bottom line is not to quit before even trying to control the anti-aging process. Basing your decision on the experiences of your friends does not form an opinion. Try these tips and see the result yourself.