Fat burners are the new way of losing fat fast and effectively, and at a very steady rate, it is becoming a trend that everyone is ready to follow. According to popular belief, fat burners are effective, but no evidence is provided. The idea is to understand whether they work or not. Are they just like any tool that one can fall back on temporarily because it’s there or it’s going to benefit for the long term?  Most people believe that it is a facade that does not have any impact on the human body and considers it as more of a gimmick than reality.


The impact fat burners have on the body is thermogenic which essentially means that it boosts the metabolic matter in the body by producing heat hence having a positive effect on the metabolism which can be considered temporary.

If you are maintaining a standard diet, then there is no need to take the aid of fat burners however if the aim is to have a more lean body then to some extent they can be taken into consideration. But that too in moderation as too much of everything is not safe.

Fat burners the last option

Fat burners should be the last resort for you. Before thinking of inculcating them in your lifestyle, you should go through all the possible options available. For example carb cycling, calorie cycling and strategic refeeds. There is no need to introduce your body to fat burners at a very early stage you should have used every plausible option before taking them.

I am also a user of fat burners, but I make sure that I add them at the right time. If you add them to early, then you put your body at risk as the body will be putting a lot more stress on the adrenal glands; hence this will result in you losing muscle mass. Less stress at the beginning of the diet would ensure a healthy fat loss journey.

What will happen if your body gets used to fat burners?

Once your body starts getting used to the diet that you have integrated into your lifestyle, you will be able to control your appetite with the help of fat burners. However, if you continue to use thermogenic supplements for a long period then with time its effect will not be that significant; therefore you will consume more for it to work more. Hence it is recommended to use fat burners for a very short time period and not permanently add it to your diet.


Think smartly or consult a professional before adding fat burners into your diet. You should also analyze whether the need to add fat burners stronger than going through a more natural process of giving time in the gym and working out. Side effects of fat burners should also be taken into consideration hence consult a professional or take the aid of a nutritionist before going down this path.