Let’s look at whether or not you can build muscle while on a low carb diet. At times, we are looking to put some muscle on our lanky arms, but it needs to be done in the right way; otherwise, it would not be beneficial at all. If you are planning to increase the intake of proteins and fats when you have always had a low-calorie diet, then your body will naturally grow for a small amount of time before coming to a standstill.

Drastically increasing your diet at once would not be effective at all as your body would not automatically respond to it. Even though you will think this will be the right plan, but it is not the most plausible plan to undertake, as we are not looking for temporary growth in muscle tissue we are looking for a long-term solution.

For bodybuilding specifically for muscles, macronutrients including proteins, fats and carbs are essential as all of them individually play a vital role; hence they need to work together.

Why macronutrients need to be consumed in amalgamation?

Macronutrient are the main suppliers if nutrients for our body and they contribute positively towards the growth of the body. Relying only on one macronutrient (proteins, carbs, and fats) would not be beneficial. Proteins, carbs, and fats are like pieces of a puzzle that need to be consumed simultaneously.

I have tried to grow muscle on low carbs (including some of my clients who also failed) as it is not that effective and did not really help in any way. My body was in pain all the time, which essentially meant that my body was recovering at a low pace or the rate of recovery was comparatively lower then what it needed to be.

My sleeping patterns were disturbed. I was barely able to sleep at night, and my energy during workouts was drained that defeats the entire purpose. But the questions remain why was this happening and what can be done to counteract with it?

Importance of Carbs

Carbs are an essential component to fuel workouts specifically for weight training . They are the support system that helps your body in recovering post workout. They aid your body in breaking the amino acids down (muscle) during workouts, which leads to the breakdown of the tissue.

Amino Acids are considered to be the building blocks for our body that are essential in establishing and producing the exact amount of protein our body needs. You will struggle during your workouts if carbs are not consumed which would drive you away from your goal and being lethargic during workouts would only slow you down.

As carbs attract water to cells, it essentially supports the mechanism of cell swelling in your body. At the initial stages of dieting, you will lose a lot of muscle and your carbs would also be low but the process can slow down if a proper plan is not in place.

Be smart when it comes to the intake of carbs (you can use my intra workout as a guidance) taper them accordingly to see which ratio suits you or fits your best and it is essential to achieve a balance between low and high GI carb sources as too many carbs or excessive amounts of carbs are not exactly healthy. (timed around your workouts).