In today’s article, we will address the issue of belly fat. The one aspect of the body that everyone wants to reduce to get his or her ultimate beach body look for summers is the belly. This one place makes us insecure about the way we look at the one dress we love but can wear. No matter whatever diet fad you were to undertake or no matter how many hours you were to spend in the gym this area takes the longest to reduce which is frustrating.

Even though you will feel like your body fat is reducing, however, the only thing you will be losing would be vital muscle tissue. Primarily it is believed that low-calorie dieting increases the stress hormone, which is cortisol that leads to high levels of stress and inflammation, which is linked, with belly fat.

If the body is under a lot of stress, then it is more likely that it will take more time to break down the fat from the belly. So essentially lowering stress levels can be seen as an important way in which the fat from the belly can be reduced.


As I previously mentioned your belly is the one area that takes the longest to come down. The waistline of a person with average body fat is between 16 and 25 mm while someone with abs would have a reading of  5-7mm. If we were to take the higher value of both ends 25mm -7mm then the difference would be 18mm.

Under the guidance of an instructor or a coach you will be able to lose approximately 1mm of body fat per week, but as the weeks would progress and your body would move more on the lean side, then the reduction of belly fat would be around 0.5mm per week. The process would be even slower if you are working alone without anybody’s guidance.

So if an estimated time was to be calculated, then it can be said that if 1mm body fat is lost per week specifically from the belly area, then the shortest time to reduce the belly fat would be 18 weeks. Dieting in general for 3-4 weeks to achieve the desired body does not guarantee weight loss from abdominal body fat. Even if you do not really want to define your stomach and you just want it to be flat the estimated time would be 13 weeks considering if the desired numbers lie between 25 and 12 mm.  

Hopefully, this article would answer some of your questions regarding “How to lose belly fat?”


  • Before deciding to embark on the journey of fighting against your belly fat follow these simple steps that will make it successful.
  • Take the assistance of a professional body coach to calculate your body fat.
  • Understand the difference between fat loss and weight loss plan. If you want to reduce belly fat, then follow the fat loss plan.
  • Be realistic about the time frame within which you want to achieve your goal
  • Take a reading every week to monitor your progress. You can use plastic calipers easily available in the market to calculate the progress.
  • Be Patient