A workout injury can occur at any moment. No matter your experience or fitness level, prevention in order to avoid injuries is very important.

You can significantly reduce the risk of injuries and getting hurt by following certain protocols while training.

Elbow pain prevents you from building up muscle mass in your biceps and triceps. Here are a few methods most lifters don’t think about in this predicament.

Elbow pain normally derives from an imbalance between the forearm flexors and extensors. Normal cases (not necessarily all), the “palm towards elbow” pattern results in an inflamed elbow tendon, which causes the forearm flexor to be completely overused.

I always recommend you should use a thumbless grip for every pressing movement. When you utilize a thumb-around grip, the forearm flexor contracts much easier, and doesn’t distribute tension around the forearm extensor. It allows the top of your forearm to dangle and rest.

Instead of wrapping the thumb for lat pulldowns and rows, use straps to avoid any injuries. Thumbless grips work wonders for any pressing movements, because the tension and torque are evenly distributed throughout the wrist, elbow, and shoulder joint. The pressure is taken off of the forearm flexor in this instance.

When executing any kind of direct forearm work, use a thumbless grip, including any other movements that utilize the forearms. Try one-arm cable reverse curls, along with some high-rep hammer curls. These exercises bring results. Each set should consist of 30-40 reps.

The pain should subside after one month if the imbalance between the forearm muscles is the primary cause for the elbow pain. You are now liberated to destroy arms a few times a week, and eliminate those pitiful little biceps.