The age-old question that’s consistently being asked is what diet and training plan can shed off pounds the quickest. It’s no great secret that a large portion of the UK population is insulin resistant. They have trouble digesting starchy carbohydrate foods properly. Blood sugar levels fluctuate rapidly, get out of control, and this results in storing a lot of body fat.

Do you feel a boost of energy after consuming a meal high in carbohydrates or store fat easily and feel an energy crash, experience bloating and fatigue a half-an-hour after consuming a meal rich in carbohydrates? If you associate with the latter, the likelihood of producing an excess of insulin and experience a blood sugar crash is bound to leave you fatigued and hungry.

Insulin sensitivity or insulin resistance may sound like foreign terms to you if you are new to understanding fat loss. And if you are aware of the terms, you may be confused about the definitions. Essentially, they articulate your body’s ability to produce insulin (made in your pancreas) and deliver glucose (sugar) into your muscles and other cells. If your cells resist a large amount of glucose, it requires much more insulin for your body to work efficiently. Sensitivity to glucose aids your body to deliver insulin to the cells more effectively.

Insulin sensitivity is one of the key components to acquiring a perfect body composition. If you are insulin sensitive, you possess the ability to develop and build a lot more muscle tissue, have higher energy levels, and drop body fat at a faster rate. Here are some important facts that will help you understand why insulin sensitivity is imperative.

After consuming a meal containing carbohydrates, your body begins to break them down into glucose. The release of insulin in the pancreas stimulates glucose and delivers the glucose into the cells to provide energy. Sugar into our cells is critical, but it has the potential to cause problems. The muscle cells or liver store glucose and any surplus the body cannot use turn into fat.

Therefore, when someone eats an excessive amount of carbohydrates, and happen to be insulin resistant, their insulin levels skyrocket and begin storing more fat. Another unfortunate consequence is you produce more free radicals, which results in oxidative stress and speeds up the aging process.

The combination of exercise and resistance training help make your cells more sensitive to the effects of insulin. When your muscles are more insulin sensitive than your fat cells, the food you consume processes nutrients effectively, and converts them into muscles, as opposed to fat cells. An advantage of this, is your muscles develop a lot faster, and you begin to lose a lot more body fat. Understand how to time the intake of your carbohydrates, and respect the process. 

Keep in mind everything mentioned in this article. Now it is easier to understand why lean, more muscular individuals handle insulin well, look considerably younger, and have much less body fat.

Measure the body fat reading at your subscapular (shoulder blade) it is a site and great indicator if you are insulin sensitive or insulin resistant. If your body fat reading exceeds 10mm, it suggests you struggle to handle starchy carbs, such as white rice, pasta, and white bread. Don’t forget to monitor your body fat reading on your hip. This site shows you how many carbohydrates you can eat. When you start to lower your intake, you will see the site go down rapidly.

How do you take action to make a substantive change if you are insulin resistant?

Remove starchy carbohydrates, such as rice, pasta, cakes, and bread if you want to shift towards being insulin sensitive. Replace the starchy carbs with lean protein, healthy fats, berries, fruits, and fibrous vegetables, such as curly kale, spinach, and cabbage. Your body will utilize its glucose stores, which optimizes your body to utilize fat as the primary source of fuel. Fat loss is still possible if you choose to consume starchy carbohydrates, but it must be at the right times, like around exercise. A statement that stuck with me is that you must earn your carbs.

Begin taking an Omega 3 fish oil supplement. Omega 3 fish oil aids fat loss by activating the lipolytic genes (fat burning genes) and helps shut off the lipogenic genes (fat storage genes). Fish oils boost serotonin levels (happiness neurotransmitter), which helps eliminate depression and anxiety.